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13 Feb 08

Have you ever received an email from a friend (or had someone complain to you about yours) who’s email signature said, “Sent from BlackBerry”?

And when you saw that signature did you think, “Boy! That’s pretentious! Why do I care??”

Well, we have a solution! Either their firm is on a BES (Business Enterprise System) system or they have a general BIS account (BIS being BlackBerry Internet Service).

On a BES system it’s easy to fix! Open you Desktop Manager and select (of find the setting for) email settings. In there you’ll find a place to modify the signature.

Now, if you’re on BIS it’s a bit more complicated. First you need to go to http://na.blackberry.com/eng/support/software/internet.jsp scroll down to the bottom and select your blackberry carrier. From there you’ll need to create an account. In order to do that you’ll need your device’s “PIN” and your “IMEI”. To find BOTH of these go into the settings and/or Options menu and select “Status”. Once you have your PIN and IMEI you can setup your online access to your BIS account. You now should have access to your BIS email accounts. Click on edit and you’ll notice the signature box and “Sent from BlackBerry”! DELETE and VOILA!

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15 Nov 07

Many legal managers are highly trained in their specialties or as generalists. Everyday in our very busy lives, wouldn’t it be great to get 10 extra minutes out of every hour? There’s a scary word that can help with it. Technology.

Sure, we all know it can help us save time. But there’s also the question of how can you take advantage of time saving technology when you don’t know where to start or who to ask? Do you even know what less-technological tasks are taxing your time commitments?

A recent article that I published was on the topic of BlackBerry use (http://www.summitlaw.com/downloads/PSALABlackberry.pdf). Of course a BlackBerry can save you time, but not just because you have your email while you’re on the go.

So, beyond the article above I’ve put together some more unique time savers your BlackBerry can help with.

Email. Ok, so now I’m contradicting myself, right? Well, sort of. I’m not talking about your work email though. I’m talking about setting up your BlackBerry to receive all your other email accounts too. Well, almost all of them. Yahoo, Gmail, AOL, or any “POP” email account can be added to your BlackBerry. Look for a setting called “Email Settings”. This will take you to a website setup by your service provider. There you create a login and you can add any of these types of emails. So, you’ll add the email address and the password for that account. Done. Now you’ll see an “Activation” email come into your normal email box and shortly thereafter your personal email will start coming in. (ONLY IF YOU ARE YOU A BES SERVER FOR BLACKBERRY) If you can find your Security Settings and then go into General Security you will notice at a point down the list that there are options for “Message Background Colours”. Enterprise Background and then Other Messages. By setting a colored background

How can this save you time? Just like your BlackBerry keeps you from running to your desk to check your email or keeps you from worrying about what’ll be waiting for you when you get to your office in the morning. The same stands with using it to check your personal email.

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