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18 Feb 08

Ahhh! “AutoText” yet another word you’ve probably not ever heard of! But this is a word that should perk your ears!

Upon receiving my first BlackBerry a couple years ago I realized that though this hunk-o-plastic can save me a lot of anguish, it also can take a lot more time to compose a simple reply than just waiting to get back to my office. I hated the automatic signature it placed at the end of my emails and because I had my personal email accounts also setup on my BlackBerry it wasn’t always the “appropriate” signature for me. So, aside from completely eliminating my auto-signature and manually typing in whatever the appropriate signature was.

So, what is AutoText? Think of it a lot like the AutoCorrect feature of Word. In word if you type in”teh” it autocorrects the word to “the”. But even with auto correct you can expand on how it’s used in a similar way to AutoText. So, let’s say I have three different signatures: 1) Just my name and cell phone number (this one I use as a personal signature or a “reply” signatre, 2) My full work signature with firm name, phone, title, the whole deal, 3) my full personal signature includes my name, my partner’s name, our mailing and physical address and each of our phone numbers. But as you can imagine it’s not easy to manually type in all those different entries! So for me I’ve setup AutoText to do all the grunt work. Now if I type “#w” (always followed by a space) then it automatically populates my full Work signature. If I type “#h” it fills in my personal signature (name and cell number). And then if I type “#a” it fills in ALL of my full personal signature.

Pretty cool, eh? Well, even though signatures are a GREAT use for AutoText that isn’t the only use. Do you get sick of typing out your firm name? Why not create an AutoText code for that too! For me I use “#slg” to expand to my firm name, Summit Law Group. Sure saves a bloody thumb or two!

How to do it: Briefly: (taken from PinStack.com)

  1. Get to the Options Screen (On Standard Keyboard BlackBerries: Home screen > Wrench Icon, On 7100 Series Icon Mode: Wrench > Settings or Settings Icons; 7100 Series List Mode: Settings > Options)
  2. Select AutoText, select New
  3. Under Replace type in your code word for your lengthy text (e.g. sig1 for your #1 signature)
  4. Under With type in your full text (e.g. full signature) that should be replaced when you type your code word and Save.
  5. Now every time you type your code word in email or memo pad and hit space, youll see your full text instantly replace it.

Now, take a quick look down through the AutoText list of items that already exist by default. For example, if you type “hel” it will replace it with “he’ll”. Or “wel” will replace to “we’ll”. A few very handy ones: “mynumber” will be replaced by your cell phone’s number. Or “mypin” will replace with your BlackBerry’s PIN number. Scroll through this list! Stuff you never knew you could save time on!

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25 Nov 07

I’m embarrassed to say that I still know people who have a BlackBerry and a cell phone. I’m not even talking about one of the “older” style BlackBerrys. I’m talking about one of the new schwankie Curves or 8800’s. Now, I can certainly understand the desire to “escape” from work. I can also understand that the older BlackBerrys weren’t very nice to talk on as a cell phone since it actually appeared like you had a hockey puck stuck in your ear. But lets be reasonable here. These newer BlackBerrys are actually just as good (and in my opinion, better) as any regular cell phone one the market. And if your aversion is simply related to the “size” of the BlackBerry, I really doubt that the size of the newer BlackBerrys is going to be much larger than your cell phone.

So, my point here isn’t necessarily a time saver, but more of a life saver. You’ll need one less packing mule to carry around all those extra electronics.

Now, lets talk about typing on a BlackBerry. It’s not easy usually to type really long emails, especially when the content is information that you share over and over and over again, like contact information, or addresses. I know many of my friends have an auto-signature setup on their BlackBerrys so they don’t have to type it all in, but for me, I like to put a different signature on different types of messages. Since I have three personal email accounts also attached to my BlackBerry, I prefer not to use my work signature on my personal emails, and I certainly don’t want my personal signature on my work emails. So, here enters the “AutoText” feature of the BlackBerry.

AutoText is a similar feature to that used in MS Word where if you type something like “teh” it will replace it automatically with “the”. Very convenient in MS Word, no? Well, your BlackBerry has the same technology. If you can find your “Options” menu, one of the first items on the list should be “AutoText”. When you click on this item you’ll see a long list of AutoText actions. They usuall look like “acn (can)” this means, if you type “anc” it turns into “can”. The word outside is what you might type and the word in the parentheses is the word that will result due to AutoText. Take a long hard look at this list. Many of them, as you would expect, are just auto-spelling correction items. On the other hand, there are quite a few items that simply save you time typing normal informations. Examples, “hel (he’ll)” (this means if you type “hel” you’ll get “he’ll”) or “id (I’d)” or “il (I’ll)”. One good one is “mynumber (%p)”, which means if you type “mynumber” then it will change it to your BlackBerry’s phone number which is much easier than finding the brackets and dashes and all the numbers.

So, let’s bring this baby home! How does AutoText and your signature come together as something useful? Well, I’m thrilled you would ask!!

I have three “special” AutoText items in my list. My first one is “#w”, if I type #w it inserts my full work signature. My next is “#h” (I call this my “home” signature) which inserts just my full name and my cell number. And finally I use “#a” as my “All personal information”. So by typing #a it replaces it with my name, my home address, my cell phone, my work phone, and some other garbage that I would pass on to friends who would ask me for many of these pieces. I rarely use this one, but it’s nice to have…. beats the heck out typing it all out!

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