1 Feb 11

One of my wonderful lawyers here at Summit Law Group, Ms. Sofia Mabee (Labor & Employment Lawyer Extraordinaire), found this article on the WSBA website recently and pointed it out to me after my grumbling about being asked to run my @SummitLaw tweets and Facebook posts by one of our lawyers.

Lawyers Tweeting, Blogging, and IMing — Oh My!

The first part of the article is pretty dry (for me) but what I found astounding was the section called “Status updates, comments, and blogs” about a third of the way down the page.  In particular:

Fourth, sometimes non-lawyer staff or a third-party service is called upon to manage the lawyer’s or law firm’s social network sites. In that case, RPC 5.3, the duty to supervise non-lawyer assistants, comes into play and the lawyer should review each and every status update or post before it is made public.

WOW!  I had no idea!  And I had never heard any of my other legal folks discussing this either.  Thought it might be nice to point this out.

Personally, I think RPC 5.3 is VERY vague to cover this, but alas, the WSBA has a tad more authority to judge that than I.

(NOTE: This is a Washington State rule, check your state bar for similar rules.)

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