14 May 10

So, since my last MacBook Pro update, I’ve overcome some major obstacles and have created a few.  However, I’m surviving… although not yet thriving.

I pledge that a month from now, I’ll be LOVING this little piece of beautiful aluminum (pronounce that however you like).

So, what do I love?  Well, I’ve learned to love VM Fusion!  Saves my butt a few times a week when I have to login to my work computer, but can’t seem to figure out how to VPN in with my Mac.  But as soon as Fusion is loaded we’re off to the races!  I did have to give up on Parallels.  Never did get that to work.  Oh well.

My biggest dilemma when I started this journey was figuring out the file system.  More specifically, I noticed that if I imported photos into iPhoto, I could only edit them AND see them in iPhoto.  I’ve since learned there are ways “around” that, but it’s supposedly a precaution to keep you from accidentally editing photos with other software… or something.  Anyway, I guess my initial inquiry was really two fold: 1) the file system issue as stated above, and 2) what photo editing software do I want to primarily rely on?

My answer to that SO far has been Aperture.  I really like it, have grown to love it really.  Has great integration with Facebook, Flickr, email, etc.  Also easy to organize photos.  Good news is that tomorrow I have a full day class on Adobe Lightroom.  That should be fun, yet will further my confusion as to which software I should be using.

Photo editing isn’t really like any other computer software.  Each of them have their strengths and weaknesses.  For example, supposedly Photoshop does EVERYTHING, however, I can’t make it do anything because there are SO many things it can do all the controls confuse and scare the crap out of me.  So a step down from that is Lightroom and Aperture.  I find these both to be fairly thorough, yet fairly simple to use with some advanced features and add-ons available.  And then there’s iPhoto, Satin’s photo editor. Grrr…

So, back to my Mac.  I’ve been to my first official “One to One” and asked lots of questions about the Mac file system and did receive a pretty thorough explanation, none of which I can repeat back…. because I don’t remember it, that’s how “Greek” it was to me.  Doesn’t make a lick of sense.  Oh well, I’ll deal.  I’ll figure it out eventually.  One very complicated task I did figure out at my session was the whole pinch zoom thingy.  I know, I know, “everyone knows how to do that”.  Well SOME of us have never owned an iPhone, which apparently is why many Mac users know the pinch instinctively.  I felt like (and pardon the non-p.c. connotation) a retard!  I held my breath the entire time trying to zoom in or out on a photo or website.  THIS IS SUPPOSED TO BE EASY!  But yet, I’m pretty sure I turned blue in the face on at least two occasions and nearly a third.

So, what do I LOVE?  Well, the battery life ROCKS my world!  Five hours of normal heavy use fully lit screen.  That’s pretty amazing!  Jumps by hours if I drop the screen lighting any.  However, I think the listed “9-10 hours” advertising might be if it’s just sitting there on the lowest light setting.

I also love that my cat (Phyllis for those of you who aren’t Facebook fans of hers) has figured out how to use the track pad!  She can even scroll pretty effectively!  Granted, she loves to sleep on my voluptuous belly while I’m “computing” and occasionally her little paw slides onto the track pad and then if I try to move my mouse I’m scrolling all over the place, of course thoroughly confused.  Phyllis approves.

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