20 Apr 10

Yup, you read it right.  I bought a MacBook Pro.  As a matter of fact the MacBook Pro 17″ with the i7 processor and anti-glare screen!  Here are my stats, share yours if you get the chance 😉

  • 500GB Hard Drive
  • 4gigs RAM
  • A nice shoulder bag case
  • Software Add-on: Parallels 5 (for running Windows INSIDE the Mac OS)
  • One year One to One “training/support” program (Haven’t decided on the 3 year service plan yet… Hmmm… $349 more!?!?)

What do I think?  Well, we’ll get to that!  But first, let me give you a tiny bit of back story.


  1. I’ve always been a “Mac Hater”
  2. I can count on two hands how many times in my life I’ve ever operated a Mac
  3. I still have no plans on going iPhone (and would only SLIGHTLY consider it if it makes it to Verizon)

Buying factors:

  1. With my brand spanking new Canon 7D camera fully equipped with Full HD 1080p video recording capabilities, I have more confidence that this new Mac will give me the processing power to view, let alone edit the video.  My current Dell D630 can’t even view the video smoothly, let alone modify it.
  2. I’ve always had “hand me down” laptops from work.  I thought it might be time I made my own decision about what machine I wanted for MY use.
  3. It’s probably the most beautiful laptop, physically, that I’ve ever seen.
  4. My ex would never have allowed me to live in “Mac luxury”, so I’m feeling a bit like lavishing myself!

What I like so far:

  • Enormous beautiful display!  Nothing like it!   I’m thrilled with it!
  • Boot Camp allows me to dual boot in either Windows 7 or Mac OS (must already have the copy of Windows, not pre-installed)
  • Facial Recognition in iPhoto.  This is going to be really hand for my Legal Association events where I often take pictures of some of the same people (hope it can tell my cats apart, that would be a nice bonus!)
  • AMAZINGLY quiet!  I can’t hear it!  I literally have to have my ear pressed against the bottom to hear any fans or anything moving inside.  That’s pretty sweet.
  • Was surprised to get RDMPlus to install (remote desktop software so I can access it from my BlackBerry)
  • Was also surprised to get LogMeIn to work too!

What I dislike so far:

  • This whole Mac touch-pad flick here with one finger, do this with two fingers, that with three fingers and the other thing with four fingers is for the birds!!  I feel like it takes me SOOOO much longer just to figure our the correct “gesture” to get the darned thing to copy and paste!  I know, this is something I’ll get use to.
  • I HATE that I didn’t have the option of upgrading the DVD player/writer to Bluray!  WTF?!?!  That’s just dumb.  Really unhappy about that!
  • Haven’t quite figured out yet how to transfer my music from my PC to the Mac.  I KNOW there’s a way to do it over my network or through network cable or even Firewire, but I’m stumped.  That’ll come soon I’m sure.
  • I have all my eggs in one basket.  ALL of the software I’ve purchased over the past dozen years has all been for PC, so I have to start from scratch.  That is no fun at all!  Thank goodness my credit cards aren’t close to the max yet!  LOL


  • Still LOTS of hope.  I’ve literally only really been working on it for about 3 hours since yesterday because I didn’t partition and install Windows 7 via Boot Camp
  • Frustrated with the rumor of “Mac is SO intuitive”.  That’s BS.  I feel like a third grader.  Scratch that, third graders are pretty tech savvy these days.  I feel like a 2 year old!  I could do JUST about anything to my Windows machines, sort of a nerd really.  Now I’m a complete novice.  I guess that can be thought of as a “humbling experience”

Wish me luck!  For those of you who attend church regularly during the week, I’d really appreciate you putting in a prayer request for me!  Thanks in advance!

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