11 Feb 10

Thanks to my dear friend Evelyn for sharing this with me yesterday:

This internet business was featured in a television news story yesterday evening.  It is quite frightening for those of us who assume that resumes would actually reflect the true history and qualifications of the applicant:


Our employment verification process takes the frustration out of your job search and eliminates annoying blots on your resume. We realize the pressure you face trying to find a job or start a new career. Based on many years of HR experience, our job reference services can help you land that job by providing you with outstanding job references for you to add on your resume, and answer any inquiries with a positive response..  Read more on How-it-Works

Why Choose CareerExcuse.com?

  • You Choose Your Career History!
  • You Pick Your Start and End Date!
  • You Choose your Salary!
  • We Provide a Real Company Just for You!
  • We Provide a Real Address For That Company!
  • We  Provide a Real Website For That Company!
  • We  Provide a Real “800” Phone Number!
  • We Will Have our Operators Standing By!

Just one more thing to watch for when doing reference checks.  Evelyn

Here’s the ABC News Story: http://abcnews.go.com/Business/fake-job-references-real-jobs/story?id=8401993

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