28 Aug 09

This lovely story was just circulated by one of Summit’s lawyers who recently joined the firm. Enjoy!

This morning, unable to print a document on the 10th floor color copier, I decided to follow the Summit Law model of “take care of it yourself” and fix the problem. The “System Monitor” told me to replace the waste toner cartridge (a/k/a “Bottle, Waste Toner”). I am proud to say I found the damn thing in the machine, found a box with a new bottle, and successfully extracted and replaced the old bottle (which turns out not to be rocket science). I noticed the box had a bag in it, which I quickly surmised must be where one puts the used bottle, and that’s where the trouble began. I unfurled the bag, picked up the used bottle (none too carefully, it turns out) and the next thing I knew my shirt, pants and a large swath of the supply/copy room floor were coated with a fine purplish powder. One role of paper towels and 10 minutes later, I think I finally got the stuff off the floor and me, but I found myself longing for the days at Heller Ehrman where we had phalanxes of folks to deal with these sorts of problems, so the lawyers could stay within their level of incompetence.

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