27 Jan 09

When I first joined LinkedIN I thought, “How the HECK am I going to find people who are already on LinkedIN? What am I supposed to do type in the names of everyone I know?” Well, good news! Not only can you connect your LinkedIN to your Yahoo or Gmail account to look for people who are already “IN”, but there’s also a tool bar download for Outlook.

The reason I REALLY love this tool bar actually has nothing to do with LinkedIN. I love it because once installed you can easily add new contacts into Outlook. For example, you get an email from a new potential client and you don’t have one of those fancy CRM programs, well with the LinkedIN for Outlook you can highlight their signature box, move your mouse up to the Outlook tool bar and hit “Grab”. Surprisingly it does a very good and clean job of properly placing names in the name field, company in the company field, etc. Saves SO much time!!

So, if this sounds like something you might be interested in take a look at LinkedIN Toolbar for Outlook.

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