10 Jun 09

So, here’s the story, I have two computers. My work desktop, my home laptop. At work, I plug my BlackBerry into my machine and it connects to Desktop Manager, thus synchronizing settings each time. I do a similar thing at home with my laptop, except it just requires me to connect via VPN first, then I can open Desktop Manager and connect to the email server, again, synchronizing settings each time.

The recent issue has come up that when I plug in to my work desktop, it removes the HTML option from my BES account email options. However, when I get home and plug into my laptop with Desktop Manager running and connected to the exchange server, then VOILA the HTML email option comes back.

This just started in the past day or so. And it did happen before too, but I had a different machine at work. When it was recently replaced the problem stopped occurring.

I thought I solved this once by uninstalling Desktop Manager (removing all user settings), restarting the machine, reinstalling DM, restarting and then connecting BlackBerry. I was sure this solved the problem once before, but now this “solution” isn’t working.

It can’t be related to Corporate Policies on BES because I connect to BES on both machines.

Desktop Manager is setup the same way on both machines, to sync with Exchange work email.

Is it possible that some sort of setting is being cached on one machine and not with the other?

I consider myself quite well versed in all things BlackBerry (device side), so this is perplexing. I’ve tried searching Pinstack.com and Crackberry.com without any help.

Any info you can give me would be greatly appreciated!

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