7 Jan 09

Since I recently got my new BlackBerry Storm at the end of November and now have SOME access to GPS (Verizon has a habit of locking down features, like GPS was on my former BlackBerry 8830), I wanted to try out some GPS software.

Verizon only unlocks GPS usage for SOME software. Of course they promote their VZNav and though I’ve heard decent things about it, I just have some aversion to paying a monthly subscription for using a technology that’s free (GPS itself is free, you generally pay for the software or device or both).

Well, after helping my boss find a GPS system for his wife, he mentioned to me how much she LOVED her new Garmin! She drove from Seattle to Lake Tahoe and because of the redirecting that Garmin did it saved her 3 hours from her original trip route! All time saved because of closed roads (snow) or extremely heavy traffic (avoided by surface streets through towns).

So, I downloaded Garmin on my BlackBerry and here’s what I found:

PROS: very simple to use, night view/day view (changes background colors so your eyes can adjust easily), search for gas prices near you or near a specific location, very intuitive interface.

CONS: doesn’t accommodate for traffic delays on “arrival time” very well (I’m used to Google Maps for BlackBerry that tells you the standard commute time, then adds on the traffic delay)

Overall, very nice application with very easy to use features. However, still plenty of room for future improvements!

Check out the product at Handango.com
(List price is $99.99 for a “lifetime of device” license. If you subscribe to their email list they often send out discount coupon codes. I got mine for 25% off! NEW Coupon code “SAVEALOT”)

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  • Michel mars

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  • Michel mars

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