14 Oct 08

I’ve noticed recently that there are still a lot of BlackBerry users who either don’t know it’s possible or haven’t ever noticed that persistent little Green Flashing “service indicator” light.

Is this light necessary? Not generally! I can imagine a hand full of circumstances where it might be, but for the most part it’s an unnecessary distraction (plus your spouse hates it!).

The sole purpose of this light is to tell you whether you have cell service or not. That’s why I think it’s mostly useless.

Here’s how to shut it off:

Go into your Options/Settings area. Select “Screen/Keyboard”, then in there you’ll see an option for “LED Coverage Indicator” turn that option to off. Problem solved!

(Now you can have your BlackBerry at your bedside!! Now if you can only figure how to make it NOT make any noise when a message comes in…. It’s possible!!)

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